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Ecosystems, Environmental trends, Shipping, Mangrove, Marine species and Seabirds



The research center is nestled in the heart of a Guyanese indigenous community


From Georgetown, Imbotero is accessible by air, followed by a taxi and a boat ride to its location


Imbotero Research Center

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The Facility

The Imbotero Research Center (IRC) is a new field facility designed to accommodate international researchers in biological sciences, environmental studies, and cultural/ethnographic subjects.

It is situated in the Barima-Mora Passage Area (BMPA), the largest intact mangrove ecosystem in Guyana, with good access to the Shell Beach Protected Area, one of the world’s premier nesting places for several species of sea turtles.

It offers comfortable, convenient accommodations to researchers and greatly simplifies the logistics of conducting field research in this environmentally significant region, where accommodations and support services are generally difficult to secure.

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